Monday, December 14, 2015

Silly Me

So, I am officially employed.  I have been for almost 6 months.  Full time.  Benefits included.  It's been quite a transition from SAHMWPTSTFTBOCSBWOB* mostly because it entails a 30 minute commute (on good days, which is why I try to head out early and miss the worst of the traffic (and believe me it can get UGLY).  At one of my early screenings the interviewer let me know that my lack of recent experience wasn't as big of a factor as my ability to mesh with the other team members.  Since I've been here 6 months I'm going to assume that I'm meshing fine.

Anyway, I bring this up because this week, with Christmas less than 2 weeks away, is the Holiday Spirit week. Apparently a holiday committee set up an entire week of fun to celebrate the season, which I think is awesome.  It's a small company (less than 100 ) so they are able to be a bit less politically correct in a world that has gone CRAZY (no...I'm talking LOONY crazy) with political correctness.  So woe be it unto me NOT to participate.

Today, I may have made my first social faux pas.  For today is Pajama Day.  Ever one to go "all in", I debated whether or not to partake in today's festivities to the extent of wearing pjs to work.  OH, I wouldn't have worn the footie one's (I need to break the company in first), but I do have a few pair that would be comfy without  offending.  To show I'm a joiner.  They're a small leopard print on cotton knit with a henley thermal shirt.  I even brought my slippers.

I also am one of the first 10 to be into the office.  So, I am safely ensconsed with legs under my desk as people arrive.  I mean, as people arrived WITHOUT obvious jammies.  So, I wait thinking SURELY the organizers are going to provide the example by which we are to be judged.  

And guess what?  Apparently everyone wears black yoga pants to bed.  I sat, for the moment safe with legs hidden under my desk, waging an internal battle.  My inner child said NO!  You have followed the spirit of the event.  You are fully covered, you're comfortable, and you are actually wearing PAJAMAS (TMI/FYI with all the appropriate supportive foundations...ahem).  The adult in me actually decided to put in an appearance and came prepared, JUST.IN.CASE.  Be an adult.  Put your jeans on.

One.  I just needed one person who interpreted "pajamas" as "pajamas".  But no.  Not one.
So, I caved.  I grabbed my emergency bag waited until the coast was clear and headed to the restroom to "reconfigure".

I wasn't out to win any contests, but I wanted to show my holiday (and company) spirit by joining in the holiday fun, even if it was silly.

Because silly is my middle name.

Addendum...turns out someone else DID wear jammies.  ONE.

*SAHMWPTSTFTBOCSBWOB Stay at Home mom Working Part Time Some Time Full Time Because of  Changing Seasons But With Out Benefits

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