Monday, December 8, 2014

Fall Ball 2014

Well, it's been a couple weeks and I've been busy stealing pictures off of everyone's timeline but now, I think I have an accurate representation of *drum roll* :

LIVE...from NEW YORK...It's Saturday Night!

So, yeah, that was this year's theme.  And you know what?  I think NBC had someone watching my timeline because AFTER we hosted our party, they revealed their theme and...*shock*, it too, was SNL.  We, however, NAILED IT.

The husband and I came as Wayne and Garth:
Then we had Mary Katherine Gallagher:
And Liquorville:

And Matt Foley, Motivational speaker, and Coffee Talk with Linda Richman:
Fr Guido Sarducci with It's Pat:
More Cow Bell:
Baby Hands Janice:
Spartan Cheerleaders 1:
Matt Foley and Donatella:
The Ambiguously Gay Duo, Ace and Gary:
Fr Guido Sarducci and Samurai:
Gilly and Da Bears:
OK, given we don't have a major network budget or costume designers, we TOTALLY NAILED IT. And beyond that, everyone got the little details right on target.  Janice was so creepy it was borderline appropriateness (Ok...she overshot borderline by a wide margin...but still hilarous).  Gilly's facial expressions were ON.POINT. MKG had all the Super Star moves down.  Both Matts were perfect.  Ace and Gary showed us several positions I'm not sure were actually possible (I stand corrected).  Liquorville characters were all hilarious.  It was so much fun to see people stretch their creativity and really embrace their characters (some, maybe, a little too much).

Of course I made my soups, Cuban Black Bean and Chicken Tortilla, some beer bread.  I had meat candy and a hot onion dip, snacky stuff and carmelitas.  Since the men usually partake in jaeg bombs:
(and I can't stand the smell of the stuff), I made a few (boxes) of jellow shots (60 if you're counting) and because GMTA, someone else brought jello shots as well, for a total of about 100.  
Lest anyone be under the mistaken impression that we had a Halloween party and my husband did NOT exchange wigs, please let me set your mind at ease:
Of course there was a last man standing picture for those who made it past the witching hour:
And finally, you can see what the Today Show did here.  Yeah, it was OK, but even if you remove the budget issue, we still ROCKED IT!  

Because that's how we roll.