Thursday, October 16, 2014

Self Serve...I don't think it means what you think it means

I managed to get my outdoor fall decorating done with plenty of time to enjoy it while the weather is...well...fall like (this is MN and that could change in a NY second and it cite the Halloween Blizzard of 1991 as evidence).  And it has been an absolutely gorgeous fall here.  The temperature must have hit on the exact combination of warm days and cool nights for peak color.  OR God just decided to show off his handiwork. (my money is on "option B").  The colors this year have just been SO vivid, actually still are pretty vivid.  And I frequently have to remind're DRIVING. *blush*

So, here is the front of the house:
The hay bale and corn stalks this year this year came from Jim's Apple Farm...also known as Minnesota's Largest Candy Store AND, I know, you be like there's MORE?, they have in stock somewhere around 6000 jigsaw puzzles, because...MINNESOTA) and the stalks were full of dried corn ears (as they should be).  

So, it's all good right?  UNTIL...I get this brilliant idea yesterday.  We were putzing around getting ready to send our youngest two off for Fall Retreat with their church group and as I was watering my pots I  thought, HEY, Fr Dick always gave his dog Erin dried corn cobs.  So, I found an unobtrusive cob down near the base of the left hand stalk and pulled it off, stripped what was left of the husk and gave it to Remy.  Who promptly ran off into the yard to eat the corn off the cob.  She was actually pretty funny with it.  You'd have thought it was a bone from Von Hansons by the way if you approached her she would pick it up in her mouth and want to show you what she has. (in case you're wondering she has NEVER shown aggressive tendencies with anything and will drop anything in her mouth on command). 

We got the girls loaded up and dropped off and I came home alone as the husband was helping a friend.  I came in through the garage, as did the dog.  OH, about an hour later she went to the door to be let out and THAT is when her activities became apparent.

Apparently, Remy interpreted my off the cuff gesture as "help yourself" and while we were gone ripped the entire left corn stalk off the front post (it was tied in 2 places with twine...broke through the twine), dragged it onto the front walk and then, given her lack of opposable thumbs, proceeded to rip off an ear of corn AND pull the husk off of it enough to get to the corn:
Of course, THEN, after all that 

20/20 hindsight.  Amirite?

Of course, I failed to get a full pictorial accounting of her activities until this morning, AFTER I had rectified the damage.  But maybe a side by side before/after pic?

And the front walk:


But, she's so freaking cute.  Even when she's been dog shamed.

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