Monday, February 25, 2013


I'll give fair warning, while this will be a short post, the topic is somewhat unsavory and more often times heard in Kindergarten than the subject of blog posts.  But, honestly, I can't let the one go.  You're free to move along, having had fair warning.

So, arriving in  my hotel room in the Dominican Republic, I was greeted with the following sign:
It was next to every toilet I used in the DR.  At first glance, I assumed that it was directed towards feminine hygiene products and I COMPLETELY understand that.  But on further reflection (and upon seeing a similar sign that appeared to give much more detailed instructions), I really think that the sign is exactly what it indicates:  NO Paper is to go in the toilet.

Now, not typically a rule breaker, I chose to make a 5 day long exception in this case.


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