Monday, November 12, 2012

Twenty Days

My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Oct 30th.  It was a Tuesday and we went to dinner with friends.  No huge fanfare.  We had exchanged gifts earlier in the day, with him giving me a card informing me that I had 20 days of gifts coming.  The card was gift one.  There were supposed to be 19 to follow.

I have to tell you, he has very much surprised me.  He set his own monitary limits on the gifts and he has worked diligently to stay within those limits while considering what I might want/need.  OH, OK, he's thrown in a gift here and there to suit HIS needs too (see gift 2 and note that it was the first one to be given...that was by design).

And he hasn't stayed completely on track.  If you include the card (which he said was included), I should have 13 gifts.  I'm on 10 but I haven't received today's gift.  Yet.  He DID warn me that he doesn't think he  can make it to the full 20 (whether that means monitarily or idea wise, I'm not sure) but my oldest daughter scolded him saying he can't NOT make it.  So we'll see what the next 10 days hold. I DO know that there is at least one more coming my way. Either way, he has already exceeded my expectations.

As of today, I have received: 1) a card 2) a long handled stirring spoon (typically, I'd just use a table knife) 3) a bar of Godiva chocolate in white chocolate tiramisu 4) a small bag of Caribou coffee 5) an umbrella 6) a single shot flask key ring 7) a box of 12 Yankee Candle Tea lights 8) a bag of chocolate covered pomegranates 9) a Christmas ornament to hang from my dining room chandelier and 10) a pair of earrings.

I'll be honest and say he has really impressed me.  Not with the caliber of the gifts although they've all been lovely (and I've had to hide the chocolate from my girls), but with actually thinking outside the box.  Showing a little ingenuity.  I don't NEED big expensive gifts.  If we had the money, sure they'd be nice, but the fact that he has continued to the half way point and done a good job is enough for me to say that these 20 long drawn out soul shattering years have been worth it.

So, KUDOS Sparky!  Glad to know you still have it in you.  Although, I'm not sure if you'll EVER top that one gift.  Way back when we were dating. That one might just go down in history as my all time favorite.

Want to know what it was?  HA!  Not.A.Chance. ;-)

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  1. That whole "it's the thought that counts" thing? It totally works here. It works really well. I'm impressed.