Saturday, October 13, 2012

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Holy Crap.  July 4th?  Really?  See what happens when EMPLOYMENT gets in the way of one's leisure activities?  Since we're going on 3+ months since last post, I'm going to attempt to sum up.

Dog?  She's still nuts.  But summer storms have passed so she's 'better'.  No, no Thundershirt.  Yet.

The boy?  We sent him off to college.  Only to hear 2 weeks after dropping him off that his college was evacuated due to bomb scares. GRRREEEAAATTT.  That warm fuzzy every parent wants.  I offer only this small piece of advice to make the leaving (especially if it is your first) go more smooth:  TALK to your spouse and make sure you are on the same page as to expectations on how things will go.  Will save you LOTS of tears.  Oh, tears will be a reality, but maybe not so many.  

The oldest daughter?  No longer employed by choice (and I believe she has learned the hazards to her spandex of working in a donut shop).  She's been working pretty hard at dance with the season starting next week.  Oh, she also made National Honor Society.  WOOT!

The middle daughter?  Celebrated her 14th birthday.  Is contemplating if basketball is what she wants to do (and she needs to make a decision quickly).  Has picked up quite a bit of babysitting so I will probably be going to her if I need money.

The youngest daughter?  Changed dance studios and is taking both hip-hop and dance line prep classes.  Monday's are now very busy.  Moved schools this year to a 6th grade center with ALL the 6th graders in our city.  Not sure if I'm going to like this, but as of 6 weeks in, she's doing fine.

We finished off the summer by boating, taking a long weekend trip to Indiana, boating, taking the whole family to Hells Kitchen for brunch and doing a tour or Minnehaha Falls, boating, dropping the boy at college and boating.  The boat?  It was just taken into get winterized and put away. The husband spent his last night in the garage rubbing it down with a diaper and  I swear, I heard Taps playing in the garage that night.

I'm not sure what to do with myself now.  I stopped working two weeks ago, after I planted our last mum bed and pulled the last annual bed.  I may have some holiday pot work but for now I'm done.  I can now actually PLAN dinners instead of flying by the seat of my dirt encrusted jeans.  And get the house in order.  It's not too bad, because we did most of what I wanted to do before the boy graduated, but I have several bins of clothes that need going through to determine what to consign and what to Salvation Army.  Our closet needs that too.  So, I suspect there's enough to keep me busy.  IF I want to be busy.

Jury is still out on that.

Good to be back.

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