Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Countdown to Fall Ball 2012 is Underway

Our annual Fall Ball is only a short 4 days away.  And since last year's went so well, I'm probably way more laid back than I should be, thinking it will all fall into place, which is NEVER a good plan.

Oh the same questions loom...what is the theme?  Do you have your costume done? What will you be? Is your food all planned? And DID you in fact run out of beer last year?

Books.  Our theme this year is books.  And if you stop and think about it, that means you can be pretty much anything.  Well except some obscure character like a nurse from Dr Zhivago.  Luckily I don't have to worry because pretty much everyone who comes really uses their imagination and makes an effort and the end result is SO worth it.  It's always fun to see where people's minds take them.

No.  I don't have my costume completed yet and NO, I'm not telling what I think I'm going to be.  Mostly because I have something like 3 ideas that I'm working on  and I might end up being whichever of them come together first.  One would even be opposite my husband.  I should probably quit being a slacker and start the narrowing down process.

I had planned on a different menu from last year but too many people wanted a repeat of the Cuban Black Bean soup and who am I to refuse? But when I look back on all the OTHER stuff I made, I'm thinking...HOLY Martha Stewart Batman, you need to figure this out.  PRONTO.  I'm thinking the chicken soup will be White Chili.  I have a recipe that I pulled out of the San Jose Mercury News back in (deep breath) 1990 that I absolutely LOVE and haven't had a bad review of.  EVER.  Everything else I'm gonna wing.

As for beer...silly wabbit.  Of COURSE we didn't run out of beer.  That is Cardinal Rule of hosting parties.  NEVER RUN OUT OF BEER.  So of course we overbuy, which just means we have extra left over.  Which for us means WINNING.  I may serve Apple Cider Margaritas which I found on Pinterest  earlier this month and have already tried out and are AWESOME.  And I think I heard a someone whisper something about jello shots, but, I could be mistaken.  We'll have to see what Saturday brings.

Now, having put everything out there and in perspective, I have my game face on.  Party on Wayne!

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