Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello????...Anyone out there????

Holy Mother of Pearl!  I knew it had been a while since I had last posted but I didn't realize that the last one was way back in May!  I mean, I knew we were busy but not THAT busy.  And I'll fess up, I have posts going through my  head daily but I always have to stop and consider...is it appropriate?

The lack of posts should be telling. :-P

So, like May, we're going to do a run through of June.

Softball(or sweatball) games begin:  June 4
Last day of school:  June 6.
First day of anti-psychotic drugs: June 7 (and FYI...they don't work.  Ask my kids)
The boy's graduation party:  June 8*
The boy graduates from high school: June 9 *sniff*
Checking account officially empty as we attend last graduation party:  June 17
Dance starts back up and any chance of money actually residing in checking account decreases to zero:  June 18
Basketball and the whining of WHO will be DRIVING her the mile to the camp begins:  June 19
I, officially, became the mother of an adult:  June 28

So, as you can see, life has been crazy.  And while I'd love to say that things will now settle down a little, that would mean I would have to let the evil half of me that refuses to accept reality a foot hold and well, life is tenuous enough without HER in control.  On our radar for the next couple weeks is:

Freshman orientation at NDSU: Jul 9
Election judge training class:  Jul 10
Church camp, Dance camp, Cousin camp...a veritable plethora of camps to be attended in July. And don't even get me started about August, which is usually my month to kick back and slowly prepare for school.  Uh...no.  Not this month.

And through all this, I'm still working.  Not like the first couple weeks but enough to mean I now have to PLAN going to the grocery store.  I haven't had to do that in 13 years.  And I don't dare ask my children to make a grocery list as you can just imagine what it would include.

So, for now, we're attempting to enjoy the horrific temps (upper 90s with HI into the 100s), if that is even possible, by spending as much time as possible on the boat.  Occasionally with the kids but usually, they choose not to join us.  Tomorrow, the girls have consented to bless us with their presence.  Pray that they can, for just one day, put aside their petty squabbles and make it a wonderful day.

I'd hate for them to know I'm counting (63).

*the boy requested pulled pork.  I recommend NOT doing 50# of it.  It will be WAY too much.  And yes I wrote it all down.  But it's a moot point cause the dancer has decided she wants a sundae bar for her graduation party.  Given the amount of work I put into the boy's, I'm seriously considering it.  Good thing I have 2 years to decide.

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