Saturday, March 17, 2012

Observations from a 16 Year Olds Birthday Party

Aside from providing two movies, one scary one funny, and a plethora of food for what was 15 15/16 year old obviously underfed and malnourished girls, the role of birthday girl's mother is pretty much non existent.  There is no picture taking, no gift opening watching, nothing other than a silent presence (sorta) lurking in the background.  Not seen, or heard, or acknowledged, but there.  Somewhat like Paranormal Activity.  Since this seems to be my new role, I am relegated to providing only my observations:  the good, the bad and the OMG ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME.

First observation would be in the OMG ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME category...when I heard the number of girls she wanted to invite:  15. And while initially only a small portion were to sleep over, I ended up saying just let them all (yes, I know...weak moment).

Second observation would be that 15 16 year old girls have learned that their voices DO have a volume control and apparently they are willing to use said volume control.  Without being asked.  I'm going to call that a good.

Third observation is related to spacial planning.  Our basement family room, which compared to our upstairs, combines the kitchen, hallway and living room, really does not have the floor space for 15 16 year old girls.  It MIGHT have the space for 15 11 year old girls but I can state firmly and irrevocably that THAT will not happen.  Not EVER.  Because I happen to know that observation number two does NOT apply to 11 year old girls.

Fourth observation: 15 pairs of shoes, even summer shoes, is STILL a boat load of shoes.  I would choose a different method of entry to our house than the front door, should YOU host 15 girls.  Just sayin'.

Fifth observation:  15 16 year old girls might just rival the amount of food 15 16 year old boys will eat.  Party food, per her request included: bruschetta, massive quantities of shrimp salsa,  double batch of spinach dip, strawberry cheesecake bites (found on pinterest and a HUGE success), a 3 lb bag of Skittles artfully presented in a large Margherita glass, and walking tacos for the inevitable midnight feed.  The oreo blizzard ice cream cake?  Well, they forgot about that  last night so they ate it for breakfast this morning, so I am off the hook for the chocolate chip pancakes I was going to make.  YEAH ME!

Sixth observation:  setting up the trampoline for the year might have seemed premature (even though it WAS 81 degrees yesterday), but it was in fact a GREAT idea.  Oh, and apparently the bladders of 16 year old girls are MUCH more resilient than those of, say, women my age.

Seventh observation:  brothers, especially older brothers, are sometimes a handy convenience in the event that uninvited guests show up and you do not want to be the "bad cop".  I kinda think older brothers secretly relish the opportunity to play "bad cop".  That, however, was just an opinion based solely on observation.

Eighth observation:  sometimes...SOMETIMES, younger sisters (not youngest sisters, but younger ones) aren't ALWAYS the pond scum we believe them to be.  Like, when they bring down all the fixings to the taco bar and set it all up, then leave you and your friends to enjoy it without having to put forth any effort.  Musta been a leap year.

Ninth observation:  youngest sisters..they'll ALWAYS be pond scum.  Well, until they're like 16.

Tenth observation:  my daughter has some pretty awesome friends.  I am a firm believer in being able to judge people by whom they associate with and I found not a one of these girls lacking.  Her friends are all smart, athletic, driven, beautiful, funny, and polite girls of high character.  And know what?  I'm going to take FULL credit for that. Because like attracts like.

See...even when you think it is all about her, I can make it all about me.

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