Friday, December 23, 2011

What are you, TWELVE?

I guess I should fess up and let y'all know that I am not typically one to rush out and spend money on myself.  Yes, I'll give you moment to absorb that.  It took me forever to accept that it was OK for me to spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans, especially ones that fit.  I usually buy most of my clothes off the clearance rack.  Yeah yeah, I hear you thinking, tell us something we don't know.

So a couple years ago, I was browsing the clearance rack at Kohls (SHOCK) in the shoe department and I ran across a pair of shoes in the juniors section.  They were  Union Bay and sorta like Doc Martin knockoffs (and NO, I have never owned Doc Martin either).  For giggles I tried them on and was surprised at three things: 1.  they fit.  I have wide feet and shoes rarely fit 2. they were comfortable.  and 3. they made my enormous feet looks small.  I figured for $10 why not.  They became my favorite shoe for winter mostly because of the waffle stomping  sole which gave me traction in snow.

Well, over the past couple years the sole has split in in MN that isn't really a good thing.  Especially in winter.  Then the heel started pulling away from the shoe (only really noticeable when I was driving).  I figured I got my $10 out of them and started looking for  a new pair.  My oldest daughter was very happy as she said they looked butch to her.  I think referencing something similar to Sandra Bullock's line in Miss  Congeniality..."I get these made special by the guy who put the tattoo on my a$$".

So, I was shopping at Famous Footwear (where I never buy for me, only for the kids) with their buy one get one half off and an additional 20% off coupon and I found  a pair of shoes that were pretty similar to what I was currently wearing.  I got boots for the youngest and the shoes for me, feeling all proud.  I even put them on in the car and wore them the rest of the day.  They are REALLY comfortable.  No breaking in needed.

It took 2 days (the 48 hour rule) to for anyone to notice but they did while I was washing dishes and all the kids were in the kitchen.  My oldest daughter commented that YES, they looked like the old ones...still butch and turned to my son for confirmation.

(not that I frequently turn to my son for fashion advice)

He replied..."Are those Sketchers?  What are you, TWELVE?"

What does a forty something mother say to that?

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