Friday, October 14, 2011


YIKES...I didn't realize it was that long since Homecoming and I never updated the outcome.  So, here it is.

When we last left our overly emotional highly strung mother who has a tendency towards acting first and thinking second (although, in her defense, I will say that she had her husband and son and daughter proof read the email that went to the administration before sending), she was awaiting word from the administration as to how they were planning on handling this situation.  And when the word came from the principal it was "this email left me befuddled.  I would be happy to have a face to face or telephone conversation with you."

UM...anyone getting the feeling that there are some serious wires crossed?

Me too.

So, I called, and set up a phone appointment where the principal would call me at a given time.  When the call came through,  the principal was in her car, on her way from a local t-shirt place, attempting to find some resolution/fix to the SOPHOMORE t-shirtsThe ones that said "Bust the Trojans".  According to my daughter (who spoke with the designer) the logo was fully approved by the administration. (and I'm going to call BS on that...the administration is NOT going to approve a condom referenced slogan).  Then they supposedly back peddled.  The final resolution for the Sophomore shirts was that "Bust" had to be taped over if the shirt was to be worn in school.   

The Senior shirt issue was more complicated, I think because there were more "fingers in the pot" to speak.  The principal stated, flat out to me (and to the Seniors) that she wasn't a fan of the second shirt ("Sit Down!") and it is her wish that they not wear them in school.  She said she didn't say that they COULDN'T, but that she would hoped they wouldn't simply because she had asked them not to.  My question on how did they get approved was never really answered to my satisfaction.  I suspect this is where the "fingers" of the assistant administration came into play and in an attempt to back her administration while playing the "inclusive" game, she made the decision she did.

We did talk a little about the "animosity" that she perceives as being present between the classes.  Things like, during pep fests, when the Juniors do their class chant the other classes boo.  And she sees this as disrespectful.  I see this as normal class rivalry and forcing "niceness" is going to backfire.  In fact, my son said that they didn't boo the other classes during the pep fest, instead they all pulled out newspapers and feigned indifference.  So, which is worse? A reaction or none?

End game was the boy wore his "Seniors are taking over the world" shirt to school and his "sit down" shirt to the game.  Which I guess is a fair resolution.  But the burning question is how did this get to this point?  Was there not a procedure in place where the administration approved the shirts and signed off on them making this whole situation moot? 
It's over. Things are back to normal, whatever normal is.  The last home football game is today.  Our team has an undefeated season, which I should say is a LONG.TIME.COMING.  And my son wore his "Sit Down!" shirt to school today.  We'll see how that goes over.

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