Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unexpected Packages

Yesterday felt a little like Christmas in September.  I came home from grocery shopping to find an unexpected package on my front door step.  So, I did what most women without a lick of self control would do...I ignored the groceries in the back of the truck and ran to find out if the package on the step might possibly be pour moi.

(yes, I have the maturity of a 6 year old)

Apparently yesterday was my lucky day.  And it involves a backstory.

About 6 months ago, I became a watcher/lurker on the websites No More Rack , My Habit and The Gilt Group .  If you aren't familiar with these sites, here is how they work (or at least No More Rack).  Each day they get in new items and for me, it changes at 11am and the items and prices are in effect for 23 hours 59 minutes or until the item sells out.  So, you have to be on the ball if you see something you really like.  I get the emails from the sites daily and honestly, I only look at the No More Rack ones because  it's more my style (and price range).  No More Rack=T.J. Max while My Habit and The Gilt Group is a little more like...oh, Bergdorffs, where the price of a cashmere scarf IS 60% off but still over $100.  And that's ok.

So, we've established I'm a No More Rack kinda girl.  My first purchase was a purse.  Normally  $100, the price on it was $28.  BUT, I had a gift card for $10 for signing up, and another gift card for $10 (the site went down and anyone who was attempting a purchase lost out, so they apologized and compensated).  Shipping for any item is $2.  So my $100 purse cost me $10.  WOOT!

My only regret with the purse was that I wish I had gotten it in blue instead of tan.  So, I watched for another blue purse.  This past July, a purse came up.  Not a blue one mind you, but one that was funky without being TOO out there.  Something FUN.  This one was twice as expensive (but had a $300+ retail price on it), but I went ahead and pulled the trigger.  I was all excited about it (yes, my maturity level again), only to get a phone call about 3 days later, from No More Rack that there was some weird problem with the distributor and they didn't get the purses in stock.  They were refunding my money and would send me a purse, gratis, as reimbursement for my disappointment.  I had no idea what purse they would send (and really, it wasn't necessary but it was thoughtful) but figured who cares, right?

Fast forward 2 months.  Since no purse was forthcoming, I figured I had misunderstood when they called (and I was at a family reunion when they called so it was HIGHLY likely).  And even when I saw the package, I didn't think it would be a purse.  But then I saw the return address and thought "HEY...maybe they DID send me a purse".

But no...they didn't send me a purse.  They sent me THE purse.


I'm giving No More Rack two thumbs WAY up.  Not because they gave me free stuff.  But because they stand behind what they do.  Even when they don't have to.


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