Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homecoming took a left turn

My son is a senior.  Several weeks ago one of his classmates took it upon herself to organize Senior shirts for Homecoming.  In the end there were two to choose from:  One said "Seniors 2012" on front and "The world isn't ending, Seniors are just taking over" on the back (an obvious reference to the Mayan calendar), and the second says "What part of Senior don't you understand?" (on the front) and "Sit Down!" on the back (a reference to the preferential treatment Seniors get for sporting events).  He came home with the shirts (yes both) on Monday and was told that they couldn't wear the second shirt.  Why you might ask?  Because the school administration deemed it non-inclusive of the lower class men.

I'll give you a second to TRY and wrap your brain around that one.

Couldn't do it?  Me either.

Now, you'd think a school administration that was having issues with something so BENIGN as this would be completely walking over egg shells with regards to all the t-shirts designed by students for Homecoming, right?  OH, daughter's homecoming shirt which reads "Sophomores 2014" on the front and "Bust the Trojans" on the back seemed to sneak past the administration's "blatant condom reference" filter.  Or perhaps the school is more concerned with being "inclusive" then they are about our children wearing tawdry sexual referenced t-shirts.  I don't know.  You decide.

All I know is that this seems to be political correctness run amok.  They are concerned that SOMEONE (no one as of yet) MIGHT be offended, in effect, looking for the perpetually offended to raise their ugly head, instead of allowing the Seniors to REVEL in the fact that they are accomplishment in their own right.  At present, there is a petition circulating the high school that to my knowledge EVERY STUDENT has signed, stating that NO...they are not offended.

My son explained to me this morning what the administration's intent is and frankly, I'm calling B.S. According to him, the administration sees these shirts as the seniors placing themselves above the lower class men.  Ummm...YEAH. The seniors ARE above the lower class men (wonder if the administration has striken upper class men from their "inclusive" dictionary as it now delineates the classes marking a separation that leads to a lack of inclusiveness)   They have earned their position, just as next year's Seniors will have earned theirs as well. It's called a rite of passage.  Or maybe that's been removed as well from their "inclusive" dictionary for not being politically correct.

Seriously folks, we have to find a way to nip this in the bud or we are going to find our way of life watered down to a point where we are not going to even be allowed an opinion.  Because SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE will be offended.  I fired off an email to the administration this morning expressing my concern for their new policy of pandering to the lowest common denominator (yeah...I like using that term), which in this case is ZERO.  Well, until they can convince someone that they NEED to be offended.

Then, we'll be off and running.

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