Monday, September 26, 2011

Homecoming 2011...and so it begins

Today starts the week long, fun filled, activity laced, sports watching week of Homecoming.  And you had better believe that we have been prepping for it.

Saturday my son asked his girlfriend.  And yes, they all seem to ask it in a fun little way.  Mine chose a fairly public manner and I have to give him credit for that.  Of course she said yes.  Whew.

Oldest daughter went shopping (because, I mean, what ELSE would she do).  We chose NOT to purchase her a new dress for the dance since the dress she had planned to wear for the Snoball dance last year and didn't go due to illness is still hanging in her closet.  Tags still attached.  She, however, is not liking our decision because, well, because she wants a new dress.  Her thoughts were that her Snoball dance dress is geared more towards a WINTER dance, what with hit being pink and black,strapless, short with "pickups", so she showed me the one she wants...the OTHER pink and black, strapless short dress (no, no pickups). She had to settle for a borrowed one.  I think she really just wanted to buy something so she went out with friends and bought items for pajama day and funny tshirt day.  Hopefully it was enough retail therapy to keep her from nagging me about a new dress.

Middle daughter decorated a pair of thrift store jeans with a friend.  And are they ever cute!  She also had 8 girls over Saturday afternoon to tye-dye shirts.  Those are still drying.  In my basement.  And every time I touch them to roll them over, I get black or red dye on my hands.  OY!

So, today is pajama day.  And I want to give my oldest daughter credit for being brave.  Her and two friends.  Braver than I would be.  As they were dressed this morning:
 Let the Homecoming fun begin.

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