Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Believe it or not, the last child JUST left for school (1104am...and no, he won't be late.  Seniors and Juniors had a late start to accommodate the Sophomore orientation.  This year I actually have TWO in one school.  Whoopie!  OH, the time I will save on conferences not having to hit FOUR schools.  

Without further ado...the kids in order of their exodus to school:
The middle schooler (who STILL has a stye but the swelling and redness has finally abated...somewhat), whose bus picked her up right on time at 712am for a 755am start time:

The sophomore, who was out the door at 8am for an 820am school start time and will be riding with her brother to school for the remainder of the school year:
The grade schooler (5th) who, sadly, I have to take each and every morning since we open enroll, who was up at gawd-awful-thirty early this morning and I dropped at 850am for a 905 am start time:
And last, but most certainly not least, the senior, who relished his extra FOUR hours in bed this morning, toddling off to school at 11am:
And now, as much as I would LOVE a nap (you think just THEY were excited?), I am taking myself off for a well deserved and quiet pedicure to contemplate what I should do with MY break.

UPDATED with banner (and in case you're wondering, YES, he is a pill about this, but since he sorta cooperated, I let them stand on the deck...not one of my finer decisions quality wise):

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