Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost There

With sincere apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, I give you:

The Day Before School Starts
'Twas the day before school starts no time to be lazy,
Four kids and a dog, my day has been crazy.

Sweet rolls for the morning, I still had not made,
And so I got myself busy with my white Kitchen-Aid.

The banner they hold had not been updated,
OK by them, they all seemed to hate it.

Tracey called here quite early to invite us for dinner,
Steaks back in the fridge, ribs are tonight's winner.

The boy, he had plans he informed me late morning,
A pot luck with friends, but what should he bring?

I made him my standard quick Special K treats,
Hoping some mother would send something with meat.

My daughter finally quit playing with her hair,
For by tomorrow she must  read, the classic "Jane Eyre".

Tomorrow our birthday girl may want to cry,
If she can't seem to shake the huge stye in her eye.

The youngest has stayed pretty much out of my way,
Making cupcakes with neighbors and selling for pay.

The banner is fixed, and the rolls are all made,
The alarms are all set and the clothes have been laid.

For most it may seem that their break is all finished,
But tomorrow, MY break, well, it just hath beginneth.

Emily Dickinson has NUTHIN' on me!

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  1. Carolyn, what on earth would we do without you. You totally crack me up!