Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend at Bernie''s

We (minus the boy...he had to work) spent the weekend with friends up at their cabin.  And a lovely weekend it was.  The weather?  PERFECT.  The kids...well, they were kids, but I will say given we had 6 girls ranging from 6-15 years, they did better than I expected.

Friday, we started out with a pontoon  ride to a part of the lake that had this:
And they ALL jumped off of it.  From the 6 year old:
On up:

It must be said, these boat rides are NOT all about the kids:
It was back to the ranch for fish tacos and a side of steak:
 We were all up bright and early (OK...I exaggerated the bright part and flat out lied about "early"), made some breakfast burritos and had a late breakfast on the deck.  Then, it was time to break out the fun boats.  What, you may ask, are fun boats?  Why...this is a fun boat:
It is a small boat, that runs on an electric battery that shoots water...or ferries passengers:
Yeah, right...they "claim" they're excellent drivers:
But it must be boats are NOT just for kids:
And to answer the age old question...exactly HOW many clowns can you fit on a water trampoline...well, you count:

And as luck would have it, Saturday was our friends' 17th anniversary.  And they do up the gifts:

In case you're wondering, that beautiful 3D fish mug holds nine Miller Lite Silos.  Yes, NINE.

The girls also did a little tubing.  OH....a camera:
I think the girls had a good weekend.
Sunday was a fairly quiet day.  There was the packing up, some brats cooked over an open fire, some fishing.  What was really cool was that there was a next of young eagles that would occasionally screech (and not in unison).  Occasionally we'd see one flying about:

How lucky are we?

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