Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That's Not My Name

It's stupid.  I know.  But it's something that just grates on my nerves.  Especially when it is done out of laziness.  My's Carolyn.  Not Caroline.  Not Carol.  But Carolyn.  I'm not particularly fond of my name but it was the one given to me, and given to me for a reason.  I was named after my maternal grandmother who died when my mom was a year old.  So, while not being a name I would have chosen for myself (I think it's very 60s...where Caroline seems to have transcended that "era" naming), I have chosen to embrace it.  It's CAROLYN.

*edit- This does not include those who have known me for years and have placed their own twist on my name.  My husband, for example, will occasionally call me Carol Ann (which always reminds me of Poltergeist).  A close friend calls me Carolina...but we all have Spanish twists on our names so it works.

So, when I get emails, letters, or messages addressed to Caroline or Carol, it irritates me to no end.  Sometimes, I get's an honest mistake.  But sometimes I find it's just plain laziness.  Scroll the heck up/down and see how to spell my name if you are in doubt.   Really.  It only takes a second and it shows me that you hold me in high enough regard that I am worth a second EXTRA of your time.  But when my name is spelled correctly in front of you and you choose to call me by another name...well...all I can say is:

This concludes my mid week rant.

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