Thursday, June 30, 2011

When You Have to Spell It Out

My youngest has a favorite question that she feels compelled to ask me each and every day:  "What are we doing today?"  And I have to say it sets my teeth on edge.  She's 10 and she still expects me to...I'm not exactly sure what she expects me to do.  It could be she expects me to provide her with an activity for all of her waking moments.  THAT I am not willing to do.

Earlier this month, I posted our "anticipated" June calendar for the kids' summer activities.  Since this is the last day of June,  I decided to go back and take stock of what we've "done" this month.   Here is our June roundup:
15 softball games
2 boat trips
1 cabin trip
26 sleepovers
2 weekends at cousins' cabin
1 Taylor Swift concert
6 days of basketball camp
24 hours of swim camp
15 hours of dance workshop
9 days of drivers ed
2 ortho appointments
1 doctor appointment
1 dentist appointment
6 movies seen
17 games of beach volleyball played
2 9 hole rounds of golf played
6 days spent at Valley Fair*
1 pool party church event
1 day spent at Cascade Bay Outdoor Waterpark

HOLY CRAP...I want to be my kids.  This is just ONE month.  It certainly is eye opening.  My goal with the calendar was more to make sure that they were where they needed to be when they needed to be there.  But it has turned into a very useful tool to do just my children now BLESSED they are that we are able to provide this kind of "entertainment" for them.  

And maybe, in between, they can find ways entertain themselves.  With the trampoline, the Wii, the bikes, the scooters, the acre of property, the swingset, and the myriad of other accoutrements we have provided for their entertainment, it shouldn't be TOO difficult.

One can hope.

*Valley Fair...I believe that with just one month into summer we have gotten our money out of the season passes.

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