Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Yet Saladed Out

I would hope not.  Not with the 90+ degree weather we have had here recently with more on tap for today.  I have no desire to heat up the kitchen any so I'm thinking we'll be eating a lot of salads until this weather breaks (hopefully tomorrow...but here it's feast of famine...either 90s or 60s...very little in between)Last night I grilled up some boneless chicken thighs with a chili lime rub on them and made use of the leftover bean salsa from Saturday.  Step by step instructions on how to build a better salad.
Start with a bed of lettuce (romaine) and add a hand full of Archer Farms Blue Corn Chips with flax seed (honestly, these chips are da BOMB):
Then top with Texas Caviar (aka bean salsa):
Diced chili lime rubbed chicken thighs:
Diced roma tomatoes:
Diced avocado:
I dress with light ranch, my husband douses with blue cheese.  We take to the deck and enjoy with a glass of wine.  Not sure if summer gets any better than this.

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