Sunday, June 5, 2011

A GLORIOUS Spring Fling!

Yesterday was the 6th Annual Spring Fling and I'm going on record to say that this had to be the BEST one evah!  The weather was absolutely stunning.  Upper 70s, low 80s, no bugs...very similar to last year's Spring Fling  My final head count of adults was 20 and I couldn't tell you the number of kids because some (mostly mine) were coming and going all night.  So this required some careful planning.  Because not only did we have that many people coming over to our house, we had a graduation party to attend immediately before our event.  Careful planning indeed!

I started the evening with 3 appetizers:  marinated tomatoes on grilled french bread rounds, Texas Caviar, and shrimp salsa.  OH, I also made a giant container of White Sangria  with fruit marinating for 24 hours before hand.  Today?'s all gone. But it looked like this:

I made my usual asian pasta chicken salad, and strawberry chicken with candied almonds, but I also added two new salads to the evening:  steak caesar and a chicken pear and pistachia with a curry serrano chili dressing.
My favorite comment was: "I thought I knew what my favorite would be, but as I worked my way around the plate, each one made me rethink.  But the end, they were all my favorites."

Of course, dessert is a "moral imperative" so I had made a lemon blueberry pound cake:
I also made macadamia milk chocolate brownies which were SO good.

Here is what we do at the Spring Fling:
And my middle daughter seemed to take charge of the little kids, rounding them up for games, seeing that they had sloppy joes, fruit and brownies.  Note to self...must reward middle daughter.
The event was scheduled to go from 4-9pm and at 9pm the guys pulled out the polish horseshoe (bean bags...corn hole...different name depending on where you are) game and the ladder golf and had a little tournament going in the front.

I think the last guest left around 1am. Good friends, good food, good wine, great weather... I'd call the evening a resounding success.  Yeah me!

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