Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Feelin' Like a Rock Star

Or maybe a country star.  Which is Taylor Swift?  Regardless, my oldest daughter had a friend with an extra ticket to the Taylor Swift concert last night and she asked my daughter.  Like I was gonna say no ( keeping with the whole allowance you pay for it yourself experiment she did have to pay for her ticket herself...and with last night being the last day of her month before payday it was looking like she wasn't going to be able to afford it.  LUCKILY, a last minute neighborhood babysitting job saved her fanny).  The seats were on the floor but she said it was 3 rows from the back on the floor.  And she went, dare I say it, parentless. *SHOCK*

However, as luck would have it, she was right next to a mini stage and Taylor came out and sang 3 songs from there.  AND...TOUCHED HER HAND.  OMG...OMG...TAYLOR SWIFT TOUCHED MY DAUGHTER.  I doubt she'll wash her hand.  EVER.

She said it was an amazing show...almost a theatrical event vs a concert.  Every song wasn't just sung, but enacted.

This gives an idea as to how close they were to the "mini" stage:

 Close enough for her to get this picture with her camera NOT on zoom:

 I dunno...I'm just not sure she had a good time. Whaddya think?

Now...I have the dubious task of peeling the smile off her face.  Or maybe I'll let her keep it.  Until she washes her hand.

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