Monday, May 23, 2011

Money, Money, Money

I seem to look at this time of year as a mixed blessing.  CRAZY busy.  My younger two started softball last week, each on a different night of the week which means my Mon-Thurs evenings are shot (and really only the bars will suffer).  My oldest daughter's Dance Line has been in major fundraising mode and as secretary of the booster club (no, I hadn't been to the afore mentioned  bars before I volunteered for that role) I am duty bound to participate.  Choir concerts, Track and Field days, and of course those end of the year field trips where no one volunteers to chaperone and you feel guilty and do it even though you've chaperoned countless times before.

Then we have the check issue.  HOLY CRAP have I written a lot of checks.  It's funny because I always think once the dance recital is over with, I can breathe a little easier on the 'writing check' front.  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Checks thus far:  Drivers ed?  Check. YMCA Sleep away camp? Check.  Swim Camp? Check. Babysitting training? Check (hoping that one comes back to me in kind).  3 Day Dance Team Camp in Brainerd? Check (ok...that's only half a check...still waiting on the final numbers from the fundraisers).  Dance Team workshop? Check. Checks left to write?  Dance class registration, workshop and camp for potentially all 3 girls again as the middle is debating going back.  FROG (church) camp for Beanie.

I'm sure you've noted the absence of anything related to the boy.  Oh, PUH-LEEZ...he's the one who is going to break the bank.  Between senior pictures this summer (no...don't tell me what those will cost, let me have a heart attack when I get the bill),  school tours (headed to Purdue in Aug for a campus tour and north west to UND/NDSU in June),  testing fees (although we might be done with those given he did really well on his last ACT), college application wonder kids can't afford college anymore.  That doesn't even include the eventual deposits followed by the actual payment of tuition.

I remember the good old days, back when they were in diapers and formula.  I can recall thinking "I can't WAIT til we are done with these, oh the money we'll save."  I think God has a really odd sense of humor because undoubtedly, I'll go broke paying for these kids and their activities and have no money left for my own diapers (Depends) and formula(Ensure) for my Golden Years.  I guess that's why we put out all this money for our kids right?  So they can complete the Circle of Life.

And nothing explains this as well as ABBA. (note to self...must get me a fringe dress)

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