Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Down, One to Go

It was a banner day yesterday.  My middle daughter did what my oldest son couldn't:  She got her braces off AHEAD of schedule. son went over his prescribed 2 years, mostly because he didn't (wouldn't) wear his bands consistently.  Need a refresher?  Click here.  She however was VERY good at wearing her bands and as a result got the braces off 3 months ahead of schedule.
As a mom am I allowed to say wow?  No I mean WOW!!!
She is one happy camper.  I would be too if I was minus all that hardware in my mouth.  I never had braces so I wouldn't know.  I just know that I honestly don't think I could go a two years without popcorn (well neither could she).

So, we're left with Beanie.  She's the child I was positive wouldn't need braces because her teeth came in PERFECT.  Ah...but...she chose to forgo a soother (binky), opting for her index finger.  When she decides to quit her finger, we'll be working on the third set of full mouth braces.
And since today IS Good Friday, I'm going to post another Sister Act 2 song.  This one is Joyful Joyful...mostly because it's one of those feel good songs that make me a little (OK, alot) weepy.  But it's a weepy glee.  Enjoy!

Fill us with the light of day INDEED!

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