Saturday, April 16, 2011

Competition 'Dos

It's that time of year again.   We are quickly approaching dance recital day.  We've already had dance picture day (and I saved Beanie from having to wear curlers to school by using my hot rollers after school and thanking GOD I had 2 hours before her pictures), and today was her dance competition.
Since we had to be up and out of the house by 8am, dressed, make up and hair done, I knew I didn't have the time to get enough coffee in me AND curl her hair (yes, it's all about ME) so I curled her hair last night.
We have two options when going with the overnight curls: blue sponge rollers (the smallest ones Goody makes)
If I use these I count on using  about 40 for Beanie's hair.  My other option is pink bendable rollers:
I actually prefer these as they are easier to work with.  I just thank God *I* am not the one who has to sleep on them. 
So, I'll share how I do this.  First and grossest.  DO NOT WASH HAIR.  Seriously.  Don't curl hair freshly washed, or even wet.  Hair needs to be dry and, yes, dirty for the curl to hold best.  My goal is to have her hair washed the day before I intend to curl.  Second...put the hair in the style that it is going to be worn.  For us, it is usually one of three options:  a high pony, a high half pony (front half of hair is pulled up and the back is left down and it's all curled), or a low pony.  Yes, there will be little wispies that escape when they sleep but IMO it is much easier to take a comb and spray them in place than it is to attempt to wrap a pony about curled hair and have it be secure.  Third...section the hair in SMALL sections.  Run hair gel through the section, making sure the entire section is coated but not drenched or the gel will never dry.  Roll hair as tight as you can.  Repeat.  About 50 billion times (no, not really, it just seems like it).  When done, it should look something like this:
This was probably about 25-30 rollers.  My oldest daughter usually requires about 45-50.  At this point, I do NOT spray the hair again.  If done correctly, there should be enough gel to hold the curl when they rollers are removed.  This is what they looked like (this morning) just out of rollers:
This costume required a scrunchie so I put it in now.  Then I combed back and sprayed all those little wispies that fell out of the pony.  I DO NOT SPRAY THE CURLS (typically hair spray has enough water that will pull out the curl). Then I separate the curls with my fingers so that it's fuller and pin down the curls in front.  Here is the end result:

These curls will last probably a good 2-3 days.  But she'll be washing her hair tonight.  She can handle dirty hair that long.  I can't.

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