Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

Sunday evening and I am POOPED!  Activities abounded.
Friday night we had tickets to the Senior Class fundraiser...Wine and Beer tasting.  We went with friends, and SIL, and met more there.  We started backwards and worked our way around the venue, which made us similar to salmon swimming upstream to spawn, but like the fish, we made it work.  While there were a couple wines that were OK, we actually REALLY enjoyed many of the beers.  I'm thinking #9 (yes, that was the name of the beer) will become our new summer beer.  After we made the rounds, we headed to the Cove for burgers.  At that point, we had to cut the evening short as my middle daughter had her state basketball tournament.  First game?  8am.  Location?  An hour away.  OY!
The husband needed to head north to visit his uncle in the hospital so I got the basketball duty.  Up at 6am...on a Saturday morning.  Yeah me.
So, we're in a double elimination tournament, so we had to lose two games to be out.  OK, this is where the whole parent thing is sorta shot to heck, because, I was SO done with basketball. *aside-was it written in anyone's manual the number of weekends we as parents are required to give up so our children can pursue their athletic abilities?  I didn't think so.  BUT...I was the dutiful parent and went and cheered on my baby and her team.  Game one...WON.  Game two...LOST.  Now had they won both games, they would be done and we'd be looking at game three at...yes, 8am Sunday morning.  But having lost one game that meant there would be a game three on Saturday.  Game three...won.  Which meant game four at?  8am Sunday morning.  Yeah me.  OK...yeah husband.
We got home and I was greeted with 4 huge porterhouses the husband had picked up and plans to have friends over.  Details of that will be up at A Side of Steak but I'll let you know it included ginormous buffalo shrimp, and seared tuna steak and the aforementioned porterhouses.  The oldest daughter went to Beastly and had a sleepover.  Middle daughter (she of the basketball games) had a sleepover birthday party which we had let her know in advance, it was possible that she would not be able to do the sleepover part due to the hour in which she would need to be picked up.  Her brother picked her up at 11pm.  So ending the day with friends, food and a bunch of wine..what more could a girl want.
Sunday arrived with, yes game four.  We played nose goes.  I won.  Husband went.  Game four...lost.  In overtime.  Does silently cheering it being over (even though I wasn't at the game) make me a bad parent?  Yes,  I thought so.  However, this actually fell in well with the plans we made LAST weekend and that was to use a Groupon that was supposed to expire last week but they extended since we couldn't get reservations last week.  We went to Santorinis for brunch.  HOLY BUCKETS was it ever fabulous!  We pub crawled home.  And hot tubbed.  And ordered pizza.  And watched Easy-A with the little girls.
Now, I think there is a pillow with my name on it.

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