Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Table Scraps Speak

Table scraps is what we call the anticlimactic day that follows the Chrisapalooza by 3 days:  my birthday.  And it went the way most of them go...I got up, got the kids to school, went to yoga, came home, cleaned up, went to lunch with a friend, came home to children arriving home from school with the typical question:  "What's for dinner?"  My response?  I don't know.  
The husband decided that since we have a driver (the boy) who is capable of getting Beanie to and from dance on time (debatable), the two of us would go out to dinner. (JimmyJohns for the kids)
We sat at the bar had a pre-appetizer drink:  him a greyhound, me a Brazilian Thyme (which was DELICIOUS).  Then an appetizer of  sesame ahi tuna, that was also delicious .  We had plenty of time to study the menu so when we were finally seated, we were able to order right away:  I had the Alaskan Cod on a bed of whipped yams and sauteed spinach with raisins and a cider glaze.  He had the Arctic Char on a bed of yukon golds, roasted brussel sprouts with a red wine reduction sauce.  Both were excellent.
An interesting architectural feature of the restaurant was that the walls separating smaller dining areas were actually wine racks..  Oh, to be certain, we did what we could (1/2 off bottle of wine on Tuesday) to take down those walls.
But there is only so much time.  Our next visit, we'll bring reinforcements.

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