Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Child O' Mine

After your sisters postings you came to me asking why I hadn't done a birthday post on you.  It was a fair question.  The simple answer is that I didn't THINK to do this until Beanie's birthday.  The more complicated answer is that I was at a loss as to what to write without making you sound like some type of fictional super hero, which we both know you are not.  Adding to that is the fact that of all 4 of my children, you are the one most like me in so many ways, some good, and some bad and I wasn't sure I was prepared to explore that not just about you but about me.  Yet funny enough you have figured out a way of making the bad ways better.  And isn't that what we hope for for our children.  Let's start with looks.  At a year, it was obvious to me that, yes, you DO look like me, minus the dimple.
At 15, you are everything I wished I had been at 15.  The thing you got from your dad...the metabolism...if I were you I'd thank him EVERY day for it.  You can thank me for the height.  You're welcome.

You and I are both pretty sensitive and we get our feelings hurt easily.  You, at 15, have learned to let it go.  I have not.  Believe me, that learning to let go is a blessing.  I think you are a good judge of character as you have surrounded yourself with smart, goofy, loving friends who love you as you are.  That is a gift.

You amaze me with your ability to come into a group of strangers, whether children or adults, and treat them as if they have been your friends your whole life.

You don't take yourself too seriously.  Nothing is off limits to you and that includes your own mistakes, whether  intended or not.  Embrace that ability to laugh at yourself because it will serve you well your whole life.

You scare me with your ability to make a rational argument, even at a young age.  Yes, at 15, I CAN sometimes say, "because I said so" and YES you must accept that.  But I so admire how you are able to calmly discuss and use logic and facts to make your point.  While I don't think the world needs any more lawyers, if you choose that path, I have NO doubt you will excel.

Lest all think you are some kind of imaginary perfect child, I feel it necessary to inform the masses that, yes, like me, you are a slob.  Sorry sweetie.  This one, I suggest you not so much embrace as try to reform.  Reformation will be not only YOUR friend, but your future roommate's friend as well.

You are also like most teenagers and self absorbed and *I* struggle with this.  How to get you (and your brother and sisters) to think outside of your own little "me" world?  My prayers are that maturity will play a factor there and that I'll be around to see that day.

When we first allowed you a facebook page, I was touched that you tagged me as "the person you can talk to about ANYTHING".  That meant a lot to me because you KNOW that I neither want nor seek your friendship.  You have friends for that role.  I am your mother and as such, it is not my responsibility to tell you what you want to hear.  I am here to help to guide you when you have to make decisions, sometimes life altering ones.  To set boundaries for you because life is full of boundaries and it's best to learn that now.  To show you that yes, there ARE repercussions to your actions and I will NOT insulate you from those.  There will be times when you won't like me and I'm sure there will be times when the feeling is mutual.   The purpose of your friends is to be there and like you.   I have a different purpose.  My purpose is not to have you like me (although, it would be an added bonus).  My purpose is to raise you to be a respectful, responsible, intelligent adult.  To always put your faith in God first, yourself second, your dad and me third. 

I think we're halfway there, Sweet Child O' Mine.  
Happy 15th Birthday!

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