Monday, March 21, 2011

Resistance is Futile

My youngest got what I thought was a head cold a couple weeks ago.  A slight fever that came and went.  A really stuffy nose, so much so that I threw out there..."do you want to try a neti-pot?"
"What", she asked, "is a neti-pot?"
I wish I could have been more "been there done that" with her but I had only heard the praises of the neti-pot, but hadn't tried it myself.  For those with a fairly strong constitution, read on.  For those without, full stop.
This is a neti-pot:
And what it does is flush your sinus cavity with a warm saline solution, pouring the solution up one nostril and draining out the other, making it easier to breathe.  Again, EVERYONE who had tried the neti-pot, sang its praises.  As I related this to Beanie, she apparently was miserable enough to want to give it a try.
So she tried it.  And while she said it felt funny, she continues to ask to use it when her nose gets stuffy.  I guess it worked as intended.
I, however, had yet to try it.  Until this weekend.  I have some kind of head cold happening and nothing is touching the pressure that is inside my head (Insert obvious joke here) so I gave it a whirl.  It hasn't really gotten rid of the sinus headache, but it does make it easier to breathe.
It's not really something you wish to do with an audience, but the relief is worth it.  I'm not sure why I resisted buying one for so long, probably because of the possible audience factor, but I should have known, resistance is futile.

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  1. Just wait until you get to the point of being willing to demonstrate! Yes, it has helped me that much. All three of my kids have been using it for about two years now. I think Garrett started when he was 4! He is off of all allergy meds which is nothing short of miraculous. Every time he starts his allergy sniffles/sneezing, I make him break out the Neti pot and so far he has not had any of his reactive airway issues this year.