Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Over...But the Fun Will Never End

And yet another Chrisapalooza has come to an end.  Just when we thought nothing could top last year's 'Palooza, but I was wrong.  We have friends that are so clever and always seem to find that "something" that sums us up.
This year was no exception. Earlier this week, in conversation, they mentioned that we have had a REALLY fun year.  I concurred and didn't think anything more about it.  But apparently she had been working on the Palooza gift to end all gifts.  It was a game of "Photo-opoly".
Think Monopoly but with your pictures taking the place of the various properties.  Oh, and the pictures they included, all from this previous year's activities:  the football game, the fall ball, the state fair, the white elephant, neighbors night out, and a plethora of other fun events.   Oh, there was also a special picture that didn't include us.  It was one of Anne Hathaway, who is Chrisapalooza's "gimme"*.   Yes...THIS picture.  Anyone care to guess what her caption reads?
We got the opportunity to group the pictures into "colors" (like Boardwalk and Park Place) AND to add captions to each property.  We had so much fun just setting up the game.  Can't wait to play it.
So, the Chrisapalooza finished off his "birthday week" with a dinner of eye round roast (cooked to a perfect medium rare), smashed yukon gold taters, "the" gravy, drunken shrooms, fresh green beans with a bacon soy glaze, and popovers.  I even made made the man a home made checkerboard cake with a fresh black and red raspberry filling.
It's a good thing Chrisapalooza only happens once a year.  Time to recover from year to year.

*a gimme is what we call it if that person (celebrity, usually) happens to show up on our doorstep and claim to be unable to continue on with their life without a night with one of us.  Anne is his gimme.  I'll share my gimme when it's appropriate.

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