Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Your Party On...2 Days Left of Chrisapalooza

It's that time of year again...that week long celebration that celebrates the life of my husband.  I'm sure you recall last year's kickoff?  And then the Chrisapalooza party-week itself?  No one does a Palooza party like our friends.

This year's kickoff came in the form of a T-shirt transferred from the poster that was worn last week to the wine tasting to "advertise" the upcoming ChrisapaloozaThe comment most repeated?  "Wow, that looks like Will Ferrell".

Then last night came the gifts:
The items on the left...his.  On the right...mine.  Don't you worry...I don't intend to drink it all in one setting.

There may yet be a few more surprises in the Chrisapalooza birthday week.  You'll have to stay tuned to find out. 

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