Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Shift" Happens

Monday was Valentine's Day.  And it turned out to be a wonderful day indeed.  My husband texted me earlier in the day to ask if I would like  to go out to sushi to celebrate.  While I love sushi and it's been ages since we had it, I also knew that I had some running to do in the evening so I suggested making shrimp scampi instead.  Since my husband's favorite dessert is a banana cream pie, I surprised him with that for dessert.  We don't typically make a big deal out of these kinds of holidays, as I am usually content with a card (and on my part, I am usually running out THAT day to pick up said cards), so I considered that in using my time and talent for his enjoyment, the pie was my gift to him.  Yes...I'm lame.

Much to my amazement, my husband surprised me.  In a couple different ways.  First, a couple months ago, I showed him a bracelet I found on etsy that was pretty funny.  He went in search of it on ebay and found it and gifted me with it for Valentine's Day. Behold:
It is a bracelet, made from old typewriter keys that says "SHIFT"HAPPENS. (using the shift key).  And, for me, it holds bittersweet irony.

Bittersweet because of how I became aware that jewelry was made from typewriter keys.
Irony because of the words and who made me aware of this type of jewelry.  So, my wearing the bracelet will be a little like wearing a hair shirt.

And you know what?  I'm OK with that.  Because I love the bracelet.  And I love my husband more for getting me something I would never have gotten myself.  And for listening to me.  And for making me smile.

Yes indeed..."SHIFT HAPPENS".

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  1. How sweet and thoughtful.
    (You know it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to make those) :)
    Buckeye Bob (Just ventured over from COR)