Monday, February 28, 2011

Old Wine and Old Friends are Good Provisions

You know that saying that starts out..."The best laid plans..."?  Well, that was how yesterday started.  I had purchased a Groupon for Sunday brunch and it was due to expire today.  So, we made plans to have brunch with friends and made arrangements to pick them up after church yesterday.  I printed off the groupon before church and as I was reading it it said "reservations STRONGLY recommended".  OOPS!  So I quickly tried to call before service only to get no answer.  As soon as church was over I tried again only to find that they were completely booked.  NO WAY were we getting in yesterday BUT they agreed to extend the groupon til next week so I made reservations for then.

That left us with plans and no place to go.  OH, we could have found another venue but decided that nothing would be as good as what I could do at home (nor as cheap) so we did brunch at our house especially given that I had everything I needed on hand.  So,  I made breakfast burritos and bloody marys.  BOTH were fabulous.  We had no real plans for the day so we pulled out some games and decided on Yahtzee.  Several games of Yahtzee later, we decided to move the action to the hot tub.

It really was a perfect day for the hot tub.  The temp was so hot that we couldn't extend our time in it.  The outside temp wasn't too cold and there was NO wind at all.  

We had to make a quick house run to grab some provisions.

The boy cooked up a huge bowl of ruffalo wings (his version), the husband grilled a couple steaks because, ya know, it's not a weekend without a side of steak and since the unintended goal of the day was to NOT spend money, we made due with the "extras" that were in the freezer(s): 2 ribeyes and a strip steak.  

We opened a bottle of Bogle and the message on the cork was "Old Wine and Old Friends are Good Provisions"  by George Herbert from Outlandish Proverbs 1640.

And all God's people said...AMEN!

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