Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creative Juices

A clever and competent (yes BB...I stole that line) commenter suggested that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make the typewriter bracelet from my previous post.  And he is absolutely correct, given that yesterday I received the additional link to the bracelet that I added all by myself with the aid of a pair of needle nose pliers thus making the bracelet fit as it is intended.  Anyway, it got me thinking about all the avenues for my creativity (or lack thereof) that I have invested in over the years and have brought me...well...naught.

First, the Creative Memories/Scrapbooking.  While I have not really given up on this endeavor, I have found that it is really so much easier to do scrapbooking digitally.  The problem is...I have massive quantities of pictures that I would be required to scan in order to do so.  Over the years I have downloaded BOATLOADS of free kits (FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY), paired with Photo Shop Elements, I have the tools available to do this.  BUT...during the years immediately prior to the "downloading" years, I also bought massive quantities of traditional scrapbooking supplies, including albums (most of which are still shrink wrapped), paper (GALORE), special pens, stickers, etc...all I need is the, um, incentive.  And a direction.

I was at Once Upon a Child (a second had children's clothing store) one day and I saw these cute socks that had beads crocheted to the fold over cuff.  And some had these really cute buttons attached on the ankle with ribbon behind them.  My thought?  *I* can do that.  So I went to Michaels and used my weekly 40% off coupon to buy big bins of tri-beads.  Which meant that I had to separate the beads into individual colors.  Then I had to buy crochet thread and a needle small enough to be able to fit through the hole in each bead.  And the ribbon.  And THEN the buttons.  HOLY you know what  those buttons cost?  I have pairs of buttons (STILL) that cost from $2-3.50.  Maybe 25 pairs of these. Here's what's in my abandoned  "sock" bag...not including the various spools of ribbon OR crochet thread:
Then, there was the "Stampin' Up" craze.  My SIL introduced me to this new edge for my creativity and linked it to the scrapbooking thing and you know how well THAT has worked for me.  Actually, I can't blame her for that.  It's my fault.  I am a sucker for "free".  And we all know nothing is ever "free".  So, I now have a full set of all the stamp pads and probably 30 sets (ranging from small to large) of rubber stamps.  Maybe 40% have not even been attached to the wood block.  So the question I know that's burning in your mind is..."So, how's that workin' out for ya?"  Ahem.

And let's not forget the purses.  My SIL (yes the same one) managed to obtain a pattern for these cool bucket purses, made with coordinating materials (most were an upholstery grade fabric).  She originally trimmed the edge of the purses with maribou feathers.  Here is where we parted.  I am SO not a "feather" person (much to my husband's dismay...I think ALL men secretly wish there were more "feathers" in their wives lives) and I suggested that maybe she switch up the trim and use beads.  I started scouting out Michaels and JoAnns and yes, even Walmart for bead trim...for HER to make.  Then I decided, just make them yourself.  Ever helpful, SIL showed me how to go about making them and I did.  As you can see from above, I'm not one to dip my toe in the water but rather to go flying in cannon-ball style.  I spent several afternoons cutting out 6x6 in squares and 6x10 in squares and muslin (these purses were LINED!) and fold over cuffs and straps...and then thought...WHY AM I DOING THIS?  I had no market for them.  Back in grade school, this would be called busy work.  4 kids and I'm not busy enough?  Here was my favorite one:
Ironically, I now limit my "creative juices" to the one thing that I never thought I would ever do...write.  Well, write and cook.  Either way, it is so much less expensive than previous endeavors.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous purse! I love the details you added in the trim!


  2. Hey, million dollar idea - open a store to sell things that you've bought that you don't use anymore to those who want to start "crafting" who will in turn stop and need to get rid of all the crap they're left with that you will buy back at an extremely cheap price and re-sell at a marked up price...and the cycle continues! Oh, has this been invented already?