Monday, January 3, 2011

The Loaves and the Fishes

Aside from being a bible story (the ONLY miracle, aside from the resurrection, present in all 4 gospels), the loaves and the fishes is a phenomenon that happens when my dad and I cook.  Not together mind you, although the two are not mutually exclusive.  It seems we have no concept of "feeds 4".  And neither my dad nor I are strict adherers to recipes which tends to lead to the "loaves and the fishes" phenomenon.

So this afternoon when I decided, after it started snowing (for the umpteenth time) to make a pot of chicken tortilla soup, I figured a rotisserie chicken, a can of this, a carton of that, some spices thrown in for good measure and ba-da bing...chicken tortilla soup.  I don't do this "recipe" often so I was looking through and just decided to combine everything I saw.  OH, and along with the rotisserie chicken I picked up, I figured I'd just throw in the left over chicken enchilada filling I had in my freezer.  THAT, I believe is where I made my first error.  It was a LITTLE more filling than I anticipated.  Which meant I had to use more chicken stock.  And as is ever my motto...In for a penny in for a pound. (see where this gets me?)

The result?  I now have a 6 qt stock pot filled to about an inch below the upper rim filled with chicken tortilla soup.  I use the word soup loosely.  I should borrow Rachael Ray's word...stoup.  It is filled with chicken chunks, onions, jalapenos, black beans, tomatoes, corn that is "held" together with stock and enchilada sauce.  I have tortillas baking in the oven to accompany the stoup.  And cheese quesadillas. A good meal for a snowy January evening.

As an added bonus, it will feed an army battalion.  Do you know of any?

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