Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Two (morning)

Well, we all appear to have withstood the noxious fumes during the night.  Wait...still not sure about the boy as he has yet to appear from his man cave.  He may have succumbed. A loving caring mother would go check on him.  I, however, am a fearful mother.  I happen to believe strongly in the adage to "never wake a sleeping baby".  Nor 16 year old boy/man.  Fear is a good motivator.

As I suspected, my husband is not quite embracing this adventure in true pioneer spirit.  Not that I blame him.  I mean, the pioneer spirit usually means having wide open spaces in which you create your own adventure rather than a fume ladened house where the only space available has been designated as "beds" and it's too friggin' cold to step foot outside (current temp -7 degrees  that's the TEMP NOT Wind Chill).  And I'm sure it didn't help that he cracked his head on something (don't know what) this morning.  No, it wasn't the back of his head but smack center of his forehead, which means that he will probably have to explain each of his co-workers.  Or he could blame me because this adventure was all my idea, thus my responsibility.  And you know what?  I'm OK with that.  I just hope he makes the story a good one.

Oh, look...my son also rises. 


  1. I can't believe you're doing this so close to the holidays!! I bet the fumes are just terrible and would be sending my allergies into orbit! In Panama, they only painted using the oil based paints and I used to sit out a bunch of shallow bowls of white vinegar. It was a local remedy and really did help. Have fun....I'm really ducking here!! Wanda

  2. I suspect yesterday was the worst because they put the first coat of poly down at 4pm, about the time we were all arriving home. Today, they put the poly down and were gone by 10am. I got home at 4 and it's not nearly as bad as last night. One more application (tomorrow). I sneaked a peek today...OMG they are GORGEOUS!

  3. I bet they are stunning! Can't wait to see a pic when you're all put back together. Wanda