Thursday, November 4, 2010

OH Happy Day!

6 weeks ago, my son had an ortho appt.  We expected he would be getting his braces off.  I was called back to the exam room and shown that his bite on the right side was slightly off as he hadn't been good at wearing his rubber bands.  They said 2..maybe 4 more months.  I knew we would lose him and any chance of him cooperating if he knew he had another 4 months in braces.

So, they said, 6 weeks they'll schedule a "conditional removal".  Conditional on MINIMUM of 20 hours per day of wearing the bands so they can see if the bite corrects.  If not, another 6 weeks.

Today was that 6  week appt.  And I'll give the boy this, he has been VERY good at wearing his bands, but I wanted to make sure he knew that the possibility was there for another 6 weeks.  He was NOT pleased to hear it could be put off and I wasn't happy about being the bearer of those tidings.

When is ortho came out to talk to me I literally held my breath.  The news was GREAT!

His commitment paid off.

And what were his parting "gifts"?   A goody bag filled with microwave popcorn, starbursts and skittles.  All the stuff he wasn't supposed to (but did) eat.One down, one to go (and the reality is, it's probably two).

For your listening pleasure...Oh Happy Day!

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