Friday, October 29, 2010

A Week of Prep

It's been a busy week here.  We have our 5th Annual Fall Ball scheduled for Saturday (coincidentally, our 18th wedding anniversary...18 long, drawn out, soul shattering years), Halloween on Sunday (yes, we actually Trick or Treat ON Halloween, however much I may hate trying to peel my kids off the ceiling after their initial "separation of the candy" post ToT).  I keep thinking I have enough time to get everything done I need to get done, but I won't know until tomorrow afternoon if I have in fact "planned my work and worked my plan".  If I am in full panic mode, then I failed miserably. 

So far, I have got about half my costume made.  Yes, made.  No looking closely at the seams.  I am hoping to have the rest of it completed today.  No, you don't get to know what that is until I post pictures on Sunday (maybe Monday).  I will give you a clue though:  the theme this year is musical acts.  ANY musical act.  So, the sky's the limit.  Door prizes will be awarded.

I kept saying all last week I'd get back out to the Apple Farm to pick up our pumpkins and of course, I didn't get there.  Then Monday was WINDY and WET and COLD.  Tuesday was WINDY and SNOW and COLD.  I finally got out there yesterday and got our pumpkins, hay bale, corn stalks and some fun gourds.  

The husband cleaned the pumpkins and carved them with the 3 of the 4 kids.  I think I'm going to declare that the new "tradition" because he is SO much more patient than I.  He thoughtfully saved the pumpkin seeds too!  Why the heck would I want to interfere?  Plus, I sometimes have "control" issues and this is definitely one of those situations.  I would want to all the patterned pumpkins carved PERFECTLY.  So, this was all good.  See how much fun they had?  Note the smiles (smiles are sometimes absent when I'm involved):
OK, the boy isn't smiling but that's because of the camera...NOT me.

Since one child was very quick, I didn't get her pic.  And since the other was off at play rehearsal, Dad carved hers:

And then there were the seeds, before...all slimy:
And after...YUM!
Those are Martha Stewart Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin seeds.  I've been using this recipe for about 12 years and they always go quickly.

OK the outside is ready:
The sign cracks me says..."You say witch like it's a bad thing".  I'm still looking for the sign I saw last year that I didn't make a move on quick enough and was gone...that one was a black boot with striped stockings and said..."If the shoe fits..."  Maybe after all this is over, I'll mull over exactly WHY I am attracted to these "witch" signs.
So, I have my pumpkin seeds made, I have Cajun Spiced Pecans made.  I have pumpkin bars (the bar part...they still need to cool before I frost with cream cheese frosting) done.  I'm off to make some Texas Caviar and Shrimp Salsa and get all my veggies chopped for the pièce de résistance   Cuban Black Bean soup.
See...I AM planning my work. 

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