Monday, October 18, 2010

That's How Cleatus Does It

OK, so, remember the Jury post from below?  I'll give you a sec to go check it out...I'll wait.

*drumming fingers*

Back?  Good.  I am happy to report my oldest daughter is living her education.  Yesterday, while we were at the game, she had some class mates over to work on a civics project.  YES, I knew she was having the girls over.  NO, I did not know the extent of their project.

Her project was to understand what the amendments to the constitution are.  They had a variety of ways they could do it.  They could make a comic book.  They could write their own amendment and explain it.  The girls chose to produce a video explaining the first 10 amendments.

I could tell you about it, but it is SO much more entertaining to show you.  Watch for the presence of the jury.  It all becomes clear.

Enjoy!  We LOVED it.  And even better...they're GETTING it!

Sure am glad to know Remy is a lawyer.  It might come in handy someday.

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