Friday, October 8, 2010

Saber Spirit

Am I lacking in school spirit when I say I am really glad to see Homecoming Week come to an end?  Between the different costumes, the different social events, the different sporting events along with all of their 'normal' activities, I'm exhausted.

I sorta erred in my post about all 3 having different events on different days.  Sorta.  Each school calls it something different.  The HS is School Colors Day.  Couldn't they all just call it Saber Spirit day and be done? son left this morning actually partaking in today's activities.  He was dressed in head to toe in black and red (with a touch of grey).  From his black Nike's, red soccer socks, black and red shorts, red and grey shirt AND a red and black bandana tied around his head in Ralph Macchio/Karate Kid fashion (yes...I actually pulled up the "Beginner Luck" you tube video to show him WHO I was talking about).

My oldest daughter made her with red and grey puff paint.  She had on red shorts and under one eye, football glare paint sprinkled with red glitter (did I mention how she KNOWS how to accessorize?).

Middle daughter was the most creative which is both a good and bad thing.  She and her friend of wacky hair day created "Spirit Jeans" by cutting out pleather letters in red and black (yes, I DID happen to have that material on hand), and using material adhesive to glue them in place and THEN decorate them with puff paint.  They also did a grey shirt.  No picture of the jeans but I could take a picture of the mess left behind on my formal dining room table.  But I won't.  I'll just be happy that I have said table back.

Tonight is the game and I'm not sure if we are going to the game (momspeak for NO we are not going) and it is supposed to hit 86 degrees.  This week has been the epitome of Indian summer (are we allowed to still call it an Indian summer?  Or has that been relegated to politically incorrect?).  I am a bit worried as we were enjoying the beautiful weather last night, eating the BEST batch of chicken pasta salad and drinking some chardonnay when my husband noted that my lilacs are beginning to BLOOM!!!  Just one of my 3 plants.  They're not the giant blooms they normally get so I'm hoping that means I'll still be getting those next spring.  I am OK with sending the older two to the game on their own, but I'm wondering about the middle daughter.  She's 12 and I'm sure there'll be more than enough surrogate parents there to keep her in line, NOT that I expect she would get out of line.  Still, there will be the judgmental looks I'm sure to receive IF I should mention that no we didn't go.

You know what?  I think I'm OK with the judgmental looks. 

edited to boy (and his bud), as he headed off to the game.  WHOOT!

Yes, I did the hair.  I think he's finally starting to trust me.  May wonders never cease!
And yes...they won.  Ridiculous score...almost like basketball vs football.  Still...Sabers are 6-0.
They haven't won 6 games in the past 6 years!  So, this is a BIG DEAL!

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