Friday, October 1, 2010

Picture Day

Today was picture day at Beanie's school.  And I got an email asking for parent volunteers to help with picture day.  I have never helped out in this capacity before but I knew that parent volunteers on picture day typically get their kid's pictures free, so I decided, IF they still needed help, I would volunteer.  They needed help.

OY!  Now I'm committed.

So, I drop off Beanie and our carpooler at school and sign in as a volunteer and go to the gym for "orientation".  There were only 5 parent helpers and it was just enough.  Once things got moving, they actually moved along pretty quickly.  There were 3 photographers.  No backgrounds changed.  One pose.  One parent helper was at each station to make sure hair was combed, zippers zipped, buggers wiped, buttons properly buttoned, necklaces straight, etc.  A fourth helper made ID cards for each child having a picture taken (IF there wasn't one for them).  I was the fifth helper and I ran the ID cards to each teacher 15 minutes before their scheduled time.  When a student ID wasn't listed (for the purpose of the ID card), I ran to the office and found the student's ID number.

All things considering, it went really well.  But some highlights:
  • the janitor steam cleaning the carpet just outside the gym.  Yes, the over excitement of picture day, for some kids, DOES lead to an upset tummy.  I was grateful I had passed on breakfast this morning.
  • black halter handkerchief dress with 80s teal sequin trim PROBABLY isn't appropriate for picture day. CAN say no.
  • while maribou trimmed tiaras ARE adorable on your little princess when they're playing dressup, I'd probably pass on letting her wear it for picture day.  Because she WILL look back at her picture one day and say to you (the mom)...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  A MARIBOU TIARA? What were you smokin'?
  • I seriously don't think we pay teachers enough.  One boy was first in his class to have his picture taken.  He didn't even get back to the line before he started moving in circles saying "I'm bored".  THEN he decided he would walk around the teacher, in circles, the remainder of the time there (about 5 minutes) saying "I'm bored".  God Bless that teacher as he did NOTHING.
  • to those who think girls are preeners, I have news for you:  the boys took it to a new level.  Licking their OWN hair (hand to hair) into place, fixing their OWN eyebrows (yes, one boy's eyebrows had gone astray), and combing repeatedly through buzz cuts that changed nothing.  It was cute in a sorta obsessive kind of way. 
It was an experience.  And I got to put a price on my time.  Apparently, I'm worth $4.30/hour.

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