Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homecoming Week

It's Homecoming Week here and Oh, MY...do the schools play to the kids.  It would be nice if they would be on the same page so we weren't looking at each school having different days.  Yesterday, for example, at the HS was Crayon Day.  Apparently this is pronounced Cran Day.  Or so my son informed me as I stood in the kitchen with a completely BLANK look on my face.  Cran day...cran day...what the heck is cran day?  Then he looked at me as if I had 2 heads (a common occurrence, I assure you)..."CRAN day...you know...like what you COLOR with?"  I said...you mean CRAY-on?  He says, "NO ONE says CRAY-on...it's CRAN".  When the heck did that happen?  So, on CRAN day, they dress all in one color...monochromatic.

But, that was the HS.   The JrHS (8-9th grade) was Pajama Day, this meant that my daughter had to do nothing beyond roll out of bed.  Seriously.  The Middle School was Sports Day.   Each school chose a different theme for each day and NO two days in any of the 3 schools are the same.

Someone shoot me.  I'm supposed to keep this straight?  To have all the different supplies on hand?  One school had wacky hair day.  Must have hair paint on hand.  Not sure which school or which day.

C'mon...can't we all get on the same page?  Would it really be THAT bad if we all had the kids in all the schools doing the same thing on the same day?

I guess it would.

So, today was formal day at the JrHS.  My oldest daughter had 3 friends come over at gawd awful hour o'clock this morning so they could get ready (imagine, if you will...the night of prom but having to do it in 10 minutes).  Since my son goes to school later than my daughter, I was informed later, he would have been appreciative of knowing his sister's plans in advance so as not to parade in front of her friends, on the way to the bathroom, in his sleep boxers.

Yes, boys DO blush.

Here are my lovely "formal freshmen":

Aren't they lovely (especially given the hour)?

In conclusion...4 kids in 4 different schools has become quite the learning experience.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.

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  1. Here it is pronounced "Cro-wnnnn", you know, like the one you wear on you head? It gets very confusing when they start yelling for the crayons, because my first thought is yet another kid wants to be coroneted as king or queen of the house. Like that’s gonna happen….