Thursday, October 7, 2010

Homecoming Week Day #4

Sorry, no pics this morning.  Costumes not really worthy.  HS is Jersey Day.  That was subject to interpretation apparently because the boy said that many kids were coming as the cast of Jersey Shores.  He chose to go without.  Again.

JrHS is Nerd Day.  Yes, we do happen to have argyle in our repertoire. 

MS is Era Day...many options to choose from but she went with early 70s...braids, headband, peace sign and LUCKILY...we still have flare jeans from their recent fashion comeback.

Still,  it's been fun seeing what they come up with on a daily basis.  Who knew my closet would provide them with a plethora of choices for costumes.

Note to thinks it's time to purge some items in my closet...ahem...

1 comment:

  1. Love the image of a high school overrun by the cast of Jersey Shore (of which I bet couldn't find their way to a high school). Bet the name is revised for next year's spirit week!