Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Homecoming Week Day #3

As reported yesterday, the schools are all having different "event" days.  Today, my early morning visitor was my middle daughter's friend to prepare for "wacky hair day" at the Middle School.

Apparently nothing says wacky hair like: zig-zag parts, 4-6 ponies ratted, and the trifecta of royal blue, neon green and raspberry pink colors.  Behold:
For those burning with curiosity...the HS was mis-match day.  My son chose not to participate given that he was attending a college fair in the city. YES...COLLEGE.  Just saying those words makes my heart skip a beat.

The JrHS had sports day.  She wore her BABY sister's Vikings jersey coupled with a purple and gold feather boa.  The girl knows how to accessorize.

And to think...they do this to themselves VOLUNTARILY!

Note to self:  Children NOT taking a shower tonight is NOT an option!

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