Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Ball 2010

The 5th Annual Fall Ball has come and gone and was a HUGE success.  The first year we put on the Fall Ball, it was really just an excuse to have friends over.  No costumes were required, as was stated on the invitation, and yet if you CHOSE to wear a costume, I assured the attendees that we were more than willing to point and laugh.  Only the BIL and his wife wore costumes.  Said THAT part of the invite somehow got mangled in the mail.

The second Fall Ball would probably come closest to  this year's success.  It was the first year we did costumes and most of us really went all out.  The guys came as the Village People, the girls as Pussy Cat Dolls.  The pictures my other, uh, computer.  Ahem.

The next two years were OK.  The boys came as delivery type people (Milk man...Male man, spelling purposefully get the picture).  The girls as 80s prom queens.  Last year the party was expanded a little but I wanted people to have to really I themed the party movie characters, specifically 80 movies, but that seemed to be to restrictive so it turned into just movie characters.  
So this year's theme was musical acts.  The husband and I were Sonny and Cher:
Down girls...he's all mine! 
Then we had Prince:
And Twisted Sister's Dee Snider:
About halfway through the evening, I took off my boots, only to have them IMMEDIATELY absconded by Dee:
Then Kurt and Courtney arrived:
Slash and Axel:

Tim and Faith:
Amy Winehouse:
Jake Blues:
Dolly Parton and Brian Wilson:
Kenny Chesney (w/ was a big night for country music):
 We had a lip sync (ok...some lip synced...some sang "I got you babe") contest, in which Prince stole the show.  Best costume went to Twisted Sister (although it was close with Prince).  We also played musical wigs.  And do I have some funny pictures of THAT.  The winner, Christina, won with Prince's wig:
So, we danced, we sang, we par-tayed until around 1 am.  Everyone seemed to be wiped by then.  The cleanup was a vacuum needed to clean up strewn popcorn.  Just a few dishes to wash and we were off to bed.
Where we found THIS parked under our covers at the foot of our bed:

If it looks familiar, you're probably thinking that USPS commercial.  Yes, very similar.  Scary clown...our white elephant party gift from last Christmas party that keeps on giving.  It has become something like the story of the yellow shirt  but as you surely note from the bottom of the clown, we are now counting how often the clown passes hands.  OK is SO on!
Oh was our anniversary (18 years) too.  Could NOT have been better!

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