Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do You Have One of These?

Remember earlier this year when I painted Beanie's room?  It was her birthday present? And do you remember why I was hesitating doing it? Go ahead...look and see.  I'll wait.

 *drumming fingers, evaluating condition of nails, thinking I need a manicure

Back?  OK, if you didn't go and look at it, I'll tell ya: it was the fear that her room would revert back to that state that makes me CRAZY.  Well, I'll have you know that it's not there.  Not exactly. 

HOWEVER (there's always a catch right?)...

Her "cleaning" style STILL drives me crazy.  Her idea of cleaning is to look around and find a "container" of some sort that will hold whatever it is she is trying to "clean" and stuff it in the container.  Her container of choice?  Usually  some kind of "bag".  She has a small carry on duffel bag that we gave her to take to Mexico which is stored on the top shelf of her closet, available for sleepovers and the like,  that she routinely uses to store things.  She even uses a stool to get it off the top shelf of her closet, which means she is actually going to an effort to "clean".  And THIS is the crux of my issue.

It's not that she moves stuff from the floor to a bag, it's that it takes MORE effort to clean her way than it would if she would just put stuff away correctly.  PLUS there is the added bonus of actually  knowing where an item is if she needs it.  So, yesterday I emptied out the duffel which was filled with socks (some paired up, some not but all clean), candy wrappers (I think I know the root of our recent dental issues), a few odd crayons, a flashlight and 2 batteries (of different size that do NOT fit the flashlight).  That was one bag.  I found another bag (this one was a reusable bag that you get for $.99 at the grocery store) with a damp beach towel, a pair of dirty panties, 2 unmatched socks, a marker without the top and a book of Aesops Fables.  Hanging on the door to her closet was a plastic Gymboree bag with a pair of clean capris and a pair of dirty knit shorts.  And finally, hanging over the headboard of her bed is a small plastic bag that earlier this week contained a 3 pack of camis that I got her, that is now empty of the camis but she has chosen to fill it with garbage (clothing tags and scraps of paper) and hang it on a thumb tack over her bed.  As if her room NEEDS this as "decoration".

Now, here is where I would normally launch into a Faye Dunaway rendition of "no wire hangers" in reference to having BEGGED her not to put anymore holes in the walls, AND going to the effort of finding ticky-tak so IF she needed to decorate her walls she could do it without holes...because I do a much better Joan Crawford than Faye Dunaway.  Actually, I think I do a better Joan Crawford than Joan Crawford.  But I digress.  She watched me painstakingly remove the paint (from where I in past painting projects was not attentive to detail...ahem)  and do a REALLY good job painting her room, so was it really too much to ask that she PLEASE not put holes in her wall.  And especially not put holes in her wall in order to hang her garbage.  Apparently it was.

So, my you have one of these pack rat/hoarders?

Do you want one?

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