Monday, October 18, 2010

Do I Want to Know?

The girls were alone most of yesterday as we were at the football game (Go wasn't pretty but it was a win and I'll take it).  No, we didn't get ANY calls while we were there (to our amazement...although I should say, I don't think our carrier, Verizon, worked inside the dome), so I really had NO idea as to what they did while we were gone.

All I know is I went downstairs to fold laundry this morning and found this in the middle of the family room floor:

 I do have a couple of pertinent comments.  One, I'm not sure where they found 5 Barbie (like) dolls all with hair still on their heads, or for that matter, all with heads still attached.  Two, given that the boy was with us, at least they got the "of their peers" part right.  Three, no phone calls mean that they CAN handle situations themselves without having me mediating EVERY.LITTLE.THING that happens. And Four, do I want to know why this was necessary?

 I don't think so.  I believe this is one of those parenting moments where ignorance IS bliss.

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