Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making the Bed

I may not do anything all day, but one thing I do is make my bed.  Every day.  And when I make the bed, it is almost as if I do it from the mattress pad up.

Why, you might ask?

Because every night, when my husband comes to bed, the first thing he does is pull out the top sheet from the ever so carefully made hospital corners my mother taught me to make to keep the sheets neat and tidy instead of hanging out beneath the quilt.

Every night.

I'm fairly positive this is a male trait although my random sampling of two (my dad and husband) might be a little skewed.

While I am "airing out our sheets", so to speak, I should also say that I only own one set of sheets for each bed in the house.  Washing sheets involves making sure I leave enough time in the day to remake the bed with the same sheets I washed.  Woe be unto me if there should be some kind of "accident" during the night.  But that's what sleeping bags are for, right?

I have friends who actually iron their sheets and I am of the belief that they need professional help.  Seriously.  OH, I GET that it's WONDERFUL to slide into a freshly made, crisp sheet bed.  But in my oh so humble opinion, that type of behavior sets up some unrealistic expectations.  So, what do you do the second night?  Remove the sheets and iron again? And heaven forbid that one of my children labor under the misguided expectation that their future spouse will, for them, iron their sheets, because mommy did. 

My future S/DILs will thank me one day.

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  1. well..some CERTAIN family members, such as the oldest daughter...DO help with washing sheets. and i expect that my husband will iron my sheets...just saying.