Sunday, August 29, 2010


tomorrow, I Iove you ...tomorrow you're only 12 hours 45 minutes and 38 seconds away....

First and foremost, let me state, you'll get NO tears from me tomorrow.  None.  Zero.  Nada.  Matter of fact, I may actually celebrate my freedom with a Bloody Mary in complete silence (I make a REALLY REALLY GOOD Bloody Mary.  If you're free, join me).  Go CPS on me.  I look forward to tomorrow like most children anticipate Christmas, Halloween or their birthday:  With ZERO remorse.  I think they're ready too, they just would rather DIE than admit it...admit that they are as sick of me as I am of them.

There...I said it...go ahead, call CPS.

This past weekend we decided we would take the kids up to the ILs cabin for one last weekend on the lake.  Yes, we could have done that here too as there were a plethora of lakes to choose from, but the ILs had the "down south" cousins and the "close to us" cousins so heaven forbid we be the ones to separate the cousins.  It has the potential for being a GREAT weekend and turned out to be downgraded to a good weekend.  Here's why.

My children seem to take some perverse pleasure in demonstrating to their immediate family or their friends exactly how lacking in parenting skills my husband and I are.  Or they're teens.  Or both.  I will sorta give my son a pass on this one because, while he didn't really do anything that matched the girls' behavior, he was neither helpful in a way that would have made things easier on me nor did he put his phone down.  The girls...OY!  Beanie whined whenever she  wasn't allowed to do what the older girls were doing.  It got old.  Fast.  The middle daughter walked a fine line.  She took her brother's hat (and expensive one and well loved) and they made movies with it.  OK...not a "water boarding" offense, but after being warned not to touch it again, she didn't.  My older daughter...well, can I just say I do NOT like 14.  AT ALL.  She presses her boundaries and I get that that is typical for the age.  But she really does push it too far.  And even knowing she was on thin ice, she continued to skate.  We'll just say the ride home was VERY subdued.  Lots of new rules coming down the pike with the starting of school.  Rules that will undoubtedly earn me the well deserved title of "Momzilla".

Lest you think I am THAT mom, let me assure you, before I left for the cabin, I made a batch of homemade (scratch) cinnamon rolls for the first day of school (and I will be getting up at o'ungodly hour am to take them out of the fridge so they can rise before I put them in the oven for the first set of "off to schoolers" who catch the bus at 705am).  I thought about THEM.  I have plans for dinner (home made pizza) tomorrow night (assuming I'm still sober..go CPS) that I'm sure they'll enjoy. So, it IS all about them.  But just once, I'd like for them to think..."I have it REALLY good...I wonder how many kids have this.  Maybe, instead of being wrapped up in me, I can think about someone else".

I just hope it's sometime before they turn 30. 

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