Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Or can also be titled...A Two-fer.

Yesterday was NNO.  National Neighbor's Night Out.  I seriously wish our neighborhood was involved, but alas, we're not.  So, we've gone looking for "fun" and luckily seem to have been adopted by the development behind us.  Well...maybe...until they got a look at my husband.

Friends of ours sponsor the NNO for their neighborhood and we usually (for 2 years anyhow) have crashed it.  This year it was on a day where we were especially busy and I was running our girls and the friends girls to Derby Days parade dance practice.  So, I ran them there and came home an ate dinner.  I went and picked up about half of them (the other half having been invited to partake in other activities) and was going to just stay at NNO when I dropped off.  My husband had intended on "scooting" over and my oldest daughter NEEDED to change before attending a social event (14 year olds ya know) so I ended up running her home.  Only to find my husband had a special plan.  

A couple years ago, at our annual fall ball (the first one that we did costumes) my husband was part of the Village People as his costume, specifically the biker.  He had a lot of fun with his costume (maybe too much fun?).  Well, he found pieces of the costume and decided to "surprise" our host (the construction worker of the Village was hard to figure out which of the two had gone to the biggest extreme to make his point) by arriving at NNO in costume.

I helped him apply his "ink" (see...I know the lingo) and saw his costume and left, without said 14 year old, knowing her options were to: arrive with her father on the back of the scooter with him dressed as a g@y biker, or walk.  She's 14 and as we all know, she'll choose humiliation (or the threat...there was nothing saying that anyone would actually SEE her on the scooter so it was a risk, one she took) over walking any day.   That's the joy of tagging in facebook.  Ahem.

That's where the two-fer comes in.  You know it's going to be a good day when you can: entertain the neighbors (most of which you don't know and of course you leave the impression of...either they WANT to know us, or they do NOT want to be within taser reach of these bozos) AND humiliate your children in one swell foop!  As our son caught a glimpse of my husband as he left, he was looking up numbers to witness protection program (and he calls the girls drama queens)

Still, most of the neighbors took his costume as intended and enjoyed a good chuckle.  Those that didn't...well, we didn't want to hang with them anyway.

Pictures...they always say a thousand words...

  This is what keeps them grounded.

Let's say that I think the bar has been raised.  Expectations will be high for Fall Ball 2010!

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